12 things I learned in 24 years

My birthday was a few days ago. 24 years ago, I was taking my first breathe, and was only 47 cm and not even 2 kilos. No need to say that a lot happened since then. In 24 years, I had the time to live so many experiences, travels, and to draw so many lessons. I don’t even imagine what I will learn in the next 24 years ! But meanwhile, I wanted to share with you 12 lessons life taught me.

1. Don’t wait to say things : say it when you mean them

During those 24 years, I unluckily learned that life is short when I had to deal with the loss of a very young person. There were so many things I wanted to tell her and that I couldn’t. I still regret it today. Life is short, and if you have something to say, go for it. There might be no other opportunities.

2. Dare to say bye to toxic people

Since my school bullying, I learned to recognize opportunist, gossip people, in other words, people that only want to use me or that would bring me more bad than good. I learned since then how to get rid of them, say things clearly, and without regrets.* And that’s one of the best I ever learned !
*Of course, I am not categorical, I can sometimes be wrong about someone… but unfortunately, my radar rarely got me wrong !

3. Beyoncé is amazing

I had the chance to see Beyoncé at the Stade de France in 2016. It took me a week to recover from how great the show was ! (no kidding). And I still can’t believe I saw her in real. She sings so well (thanks again for the “Top of Love” a capela), is mesmerizing when dancing and knows how to do the show like no one. On one hand… It’s Queen B !

4. Go for your projects

Barcelona ? So many classmates and teaching members of my school didn’t believe in it. I also had warnings from some friends and family members. But I have been head down in this project to live there and I finally got to go, and even find a first job there. So yes, I soon have to find another one, but my will to stay is even stronger now and I will give anything to do it.

5. It is sometimes good to fail

And this is a “looser” talking to you : I have failed 4 times the school of Sciences Po (political sciences) and twice the journalism I tried. And these schools represented my “dreamed” career. However, I don’t know today if without those failures, I would have met all the people I met since then, done two Erasmus, in Barcelona then Rotterdam, and if I would have have this life opportunity I now have. Would I have had a better life if I had succeed ? I will never know, but I’m not that sure. Did I fail ? No so much, when I see where I am today and how much I am glad of that !

6. Eat chocolate, candies, don’t say no !

Because it’s freaking good. And that damn ! Life is too short !

7. Learn to say no !

And that’s a girl that often says yes to people that talk to you. My class notes ? I gave them nicely to people that after, weren’t nice to me at all. Being polite is something that I really put high in my life values and my lifestyle. I like to say yes to help people, to be polite or not to frustrate them, but I sometimes got so many negative feedbacks. So, if you don’t wanna do something, you just say no. Point. No need to force yourself, saying no is normal after all : you can’t please everyone !

8. Tell the people you love that you LOVE them

It may sounds cliché, but this is what life taught me : you never know what tomorrow will bring. So, you love someone and you don’t show it enough ? Go hug her/him. You have a crush on someone and you didn’t tell him/her ? Be brave and reveal your feelings.

9. Your friends is extra family

With all my movings, I lost many friends. But those who stayed will be in my life for a long time. Those friends are like sisters (yes, there is mainly girls), that know everything about me, will always call me when I’m bad and will always know the words to comfort me, make me laugh and encourage me. Because they are the sisters life gave me in extra !

10. Thrift shops are life

And second hand markets. And charity shops. When I was young, I was sometimes disgusted by the idea that some clothes may have been already worn. Growing up, I realised the value of those clothes : most of them are from another decade, but can be modernised so easily and get a second life. Some clothes are also sold to help people in need, and that’s so important. I am convinced thrift shops are full of treasures and unique outfit pieces great to “pimp up” an outfit of the day. And that’s not my wardrobe that will say the contrary !

11. You will NEVER have enough lipsticks

Yes, you only have one pair of lips, but WHO CARES ? It is fun to change lipsticks every day, and to pretend to be someone else just by changing your lips color. Yes, I have a box full of lipsticks. Yes, they are all mainly in the same tints. So what ?! It’s not the same brand nor finition :p !

12. Don’t be afraid to ask for help when you’re down

Very often, in distress situation, I turned in on myself and suffered in silence. Not for a while obviously, as my relatives realised my situation and pushed me to get better. However, I refused their help so many times, and sometimes so violently… and it never helped. It may be complaisant to stay in your bubble of pain, but you don’t get out of here alone. Accepting to be helped isn’t a sign of weakness : it’s on the reverse a strength. The strength to recognize something is wrong and to be willing to move on.


Here are my 12 life lessons learned in 24 years. There are much more obviously, but a blog post wouldn’t be long enough to list them all. I put you there the most important, the ones I cared the most : I may have written about serious topic, but that’s also what life taught me ! I don’t know if celebrating my 24 years old changed me, but I know this new year will learn me so much again. And now… let’s head for the quarter-century !


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