5 things that changed since I live in Barcelona

I don’t say hello anymore.

Nope, I haven’t become rude ! In Barcelona, I exchanged my “bonjour” to “hola” or “buenos tardes”. French remains my daily work language, but Spanish is my daily life language, with vendors and friends. With a hint of catalan of course !

I live later.

I come out of work and have the time to live another day. Shopping until 22h, diner at 22h30, series or book and bed at midnight… Spanish rhythm is lived way later than the French one and it has its advantages and its drawbacks. I sometimes feel like I do too much, I am tired and my French body won’t follow. Luckily, catalan blood flood in my veins !

I turn around when I hear French

And I have a small plucking in the heart. ” Oh! French! ” Yes, in Spain, it is less common. Even if we are everywhere, and really numerous here, I have to admit it. It is sure that in Nantes, I shall not necessarily have returned by hearing French in the bus. I would rather have thought: ” they are noisy those ones! ”

I disdain croissants

Spanish also have croissants. And even chocolate croissants. But here, croissants have a layer of gelatin above and chocolate chips. They do not melt in the mouth but are crusty. Chocolate croissants are filled with chocolate cream or with vanilla cream. Not of a French-style chocolate bar. Total boycott of the French imitations… can REAL croissants be sent by airmail ?

I found my place

Even if it has been only two months that I am here, I know that I feel home. In my district, I take my habits. I know the hidden recesses of the city by heart, and when I want it, I can be surprised again and discover new places. I begin to build up myself my small cocoon, in my not bright studio, that takes five stairs to climb to which make thighs, but which is MY place that I am going to keep. I project myself. And it feels good.


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