A weekend on the Costa Brava: Llafranc, Calella de Palafrugell, et Palamós

The Costa Brava, its wild coast, its blue and turquoise water, its tapas restaurants, its hidden creeks… Definitely a place you want to visit this summer ? I tell you all about 3 destinations to spend a lovely weekend on Costa Brava : Llafranc, Calella de Palafrugell and Palamós. I even tell tell you about a lovely medieval village located near Girona at the end of this article !


Llafranc is a lovely small village of the Costa Brava located in the region of Girona. I stayed there during my long weekend of 3 days, at the Hotel Terramar, a lovely hotel located just right in front of the sea : awesome! Llafranc is the perfect starting point to visit other places like Calella de Palafrugell and Palamós.

Things to do in Llafranc

  • Tan on the beach
  • Take the footpath that climbs behind the port to have a beautiful view on the bay
  • Rent a sea kayak
  • Take the Camino de Ronda (footpath that goes along the sea) to walk to Calella de Palafrugelle (20 min of walking, is perfectly doable with flip flops !)
  • Have a breakfast at the Croissanteria facing the sea in the morning, and a mojito by night at the Cervecería !

Calella de Palafrugell

Calella de Palafrugell was my favorite place of this weekend! A lovely little village, bright and colorful, located at 20 min by feet from Llafranc. Not only the beaches there are more authentic, but it is also easy to find quieter creeks going on the footpath along the sea. You will enjoy there a calm dip in the sea and a siesta on a large rock!

Things to do in Calella de Palafrugell

  • Tan on the beach and go swimming
  • Take the footpath along the sea to admire the views on the village and the sea (and have the chance to find lovely creeks!)
  • Eat an Ice-cream at l’Enxaneta
  • Eat at Tragamar, a great restaurant from the Tragaluz group with view on the sea!


Palamós is before anything famous for its gambas (big shrimps), very expensive but with the fame to be delicious ! This little town located south of Llafranc and Calella is less authentic than the others but nice to visit as well. I advise you to go there by night, to admire the sunset on the port, and eat a paella of gambas ! (But without me cause I hate that haha !)

Things to do in Palamós

  • Eat gambas, of course !
  • Admire the view on the sea and the port (with a sunset, it’s even better !)
  • Go to summer faire
  • Take a picture in the round window with view on the sea (no idea of its name… but it is facing the port)

Bonus : Besalú

You still have some time to visit a place before leaving Catalunya ? Then take your care, heading to Besalú ! This medieval village located after Girona is truly lovely… A big medieval bridge spanning over a river leads the way to Besalú, and offers an impressive point of view. Inside the village, you may find lovely stones and colorful houses, local art shops and a monastery and church of other centuries. The perfect place to be discover more of secret beauties of Catalunya !

So, who want to go to the Costa Brava now ? And who actually goes this summer ? Tell me all in the comment section down below !

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