City guide : a weekend in Valencia

This weekend, I went to Valencia with a friend. I didn’t know the city at all, and came back charmed and in love. If you want to visit this lovely Spanish town too, here is my city guide !

What to visit in Valencia ?

The Cathedral’s tower

Located in the heart of Ciutat Vella, the cathedral is the place you can’t miss. For only 2€, you can climb at the top of its tower and get an amazing view on the city of Valencia. Yes, the 15 minutes climbing accelerate the cardiac rhythm, you get red and out of breath, but it’s largely worth the shot when you have such a view on Valencian roofs, the greenery belt and the sea at the horizon.

The city of Arts and Sciences

The City of Arts and Sciences of Valencia is one of those architectural pearls whom you’re surprised it exists, but whom you can’t help but fall in love with. Around a pool co-live and intertwined white and spheric metal constructions designed by the architect Santiago Calatrava. They host, amongst others, an oceanographer, the Umbracle, a public garden of palm trees, the museum of sciences, and the hemispheric, a 3D cinema.
If I wasn’t advised to visit the museums, I recommend you a 10000% to go there have a walk by golden hour. Chills guaranteed.

Ciutat Vella : Mercat central and carrer de Dalt

The old town of Valencia is also full of treasures. In the morning, go the the central market to get elated by colors of the fruits and vegetables, smells of the pastries (or meats !). Go take an orxata and drink it walking through the stalls.

Just after, I advise you to have a walk in the streets of Ciutat Vella. Pretty and colored downtown, the Ciutat Vella of Valencia offers a really charming walk, where the camera wants to capture every buildings facades and architectural details.

Finally, at the end of the day, I advise you to go in the area of Carrer de Dalt, more popular and young. Fancy bars and hipster restaurants grow up in-between tagged walls and huge urban fresco.

Valencia’s beach

 For a total change of scenery, I recommend to go to Valencia’s beach… but to turn your back ! Yes, while the beach is pretty ordinary, the neighborhood around is really authentic and nice. With its small colored houses, sometimes abandoned, streets look like Cuba… and are very nice spots for pictures !

Where to eat in Valencia?

Jaume I

Credits : Tripadvisor

To eat a very traditional paella de Valencia (and drink the aqua of Valencia that goes with it !), I recommend you the medieval restaurant. It does not seem like much in the day, but the service is excellent, the food very tasty, and the prices are fair !


To have a quick and tasty breakfast, Granier is the best place. They do fresh pastries, tasty bread, and good orxata. What else ?

I decided not to mention the two other restaurants we did because I was disappointed of the service. Meanwhile, I used the hashtags #valenciagram and #valenciafood to find hotspots, which I recommend you to do !

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