City guide Lisbon : the 10 places to visit

In November 2017, I went to Lisboa with girl friends for three days. Portugal was the 10th country I visited : I was so touched and excited ! And I haven’t been disappointed : Lisbon was a true crush. I didn’t expect everything to be so surprising and lovely… However, 10 places really stood out from the rest, and I am here today to talk about them in a sunny Lisbon city guide !

Bairro Alto

Bairro Alto is one of the first neighborhood you should see arriving to Lisbon. Located at the center east of the city, it is simply the part of Lisbon where you climb… and climb again ! In Bairro Alto, you will find amazing views on the ocean from the streets, lovely restaurants and shops, and cool view points. Colorful houses really give a full charm to the district, which is a pleasure to photograph. It is the place to discover typical and colorful Lisbon.

Miradouro de Santa Catarina

This viewpoint offers a spectacular view on the ocean and the red bridge of Lisbon. At night, it becomes to place to come having a drink and admiring sunset. Located in the Bairro Alto, you must climb to access it, but the climb is worth the shot ! This is where I took the most beautiful pictures of the city.

Praça do Comercio and the seaside

The “Comercio” place is located down the city center, at the end of a long avenue that looks like the Ramblas in Barcelona. It is a big place surrounded by arches, and with a remarkable classical architecture. It gives on the seaside, and is just next to a lovely walk along the ocean.

Mercado Da Ribeira Nova

Let’s talk about foooood ! That’s one of the most important thing while visiting a city, no ? Well, the Mercado Da Ribeira Nova is a great place to eat. It is a covered market located front to the train station nearby the ocean. There are stalls all around and tables at the center : you buy a meal, go sit with a sort of alarm, and then, when it rings, it means your meal is ready and you can go get it ! This is the perfect place to eat local in a warm and friendly atmosphere. (Yep, sorry, I didn’t take any photos as I was too busy eating !)

Baixa Chiado

Baixa Chiado is the city center of Lisbon. You will find there all the shops and restaurants, but it doesn’t mean the district isn’t authentic and worthy at all. The buildings are juste as colored and pretty, the old but famous yellow tramway passes by and the lift of Santa Justa, a grey tower forged in iron allows you to have a great view on Lisbon.


The Alfama is one of the most ancient and authentic district of Lisbon. It is remarkable with its numerous mosaic on houses and very steep and sinuous streets. I did this part of Lisbon alone, waiting to go to the airport, with my suitcase in one hand and my camera in the other. It was kind of a sport, but it was worth the shot !

Castelo de S. Jorge

The castle of Lisbon is definitively a must-seen place : not only is it a symbol of the city but also one of the best viewpoint. You have view on the ocean and the red bridge, all the city center and districts quoted before, and the orange roofs and colored houses form a marvelous colored painting… that’s magical ! Lisbon’s castle is a remain of the Islamic period : it is one of the most important castle in Portugal. You can access it from Baixa Chiado by feet or by tramway, and the entrance costs 8.50 euros.

Belém and the Mosteiro dos Jéronimos

Bélem is a small city at the West of Lisbon. It is easily accessible from Lisbon by train or bus. What’s there to see ? The Bélem tower, the monastery of Jeronimos, classified historical heritage in the UNESCO, and of course the fabric of pastéis de nata ! When I have been there, I missed the Bélem tower by lack of time, but I visited the monastery and ate the pastéis de nata from the traditional fabric. The monastery was a wonderful and quiet place, its architecture really impressed me. Don’t miss it ! Plan one afternoon to go there, visit its attractions and eat tons of pastries.

LX Factory

On the way back from Bélem, just before Lisbon, we went to LX Factory with my friends. It is an avant-garde shopping place and hipster restaurants and coffees, just under the red bridge of Lisbon. Perfect to have lunch or a snack and coffee, and to buy differently !

Jardins de Principe Real

Let’s end… by the beginning ! The area of the gardens of Principe Real are the first place we’ve been to with my friends. This residential zone is located in the Barrio Alto, in the heights of Lisbon. Along a very long and steep street, you will find small designers shops, the terminus of the yellow tramway, some viewpoints and lovely public gardens. How cool ?! I really advise you to go for a walk there, have a stop at a café, take pictures, take some rest on a public bench… and to enjoy life in Lisbon !


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