How to dress up for 30€

Good deals know me ! I must be the cheapest blogger of the blogosphere : my wardrobe is full of clothes bought half their price or super cheap. “No Estelle”, was I told, “you are mostly the queen of good deals !”

This outfit, for instance, only cost me 30€ (70€ with the shoes !). So how did I do ? I tell you my secret !

10€ for the coat :

I found this Kookaï coat in a charity shop, here in Barcelona. It was 20€ on the label and I got it 10€ when I paid. Charity and second hand shops are really a good option to dress up cheaper : prices are broken, there are often new arrivals of clothes, and plus, you do a good action ! Search a bit and you will find super trendy clothes and from awesome brands.

14€ the sweater + 4€ the skirt

I regularly wait for sales to renew a bit my wardrobe, and I never regret it. I bought this lovely Shein sweater during Black Friday, and I had this skirt at the end of summer sales at Pull&Bear. 18€ for the whole outfit, that’s a pretty good deal, no ? Both don’t look cheap and bad quality, and do classy outfits. I generally never do sales wishlists, but go directly in the shops around the end of them : I am never disappointed as I don’t have expectations, and I have the best prices !

2€ the leather bag

My secret for this cute leather bag bought at a ridiculous price ? A kind of vintage charity shop in Nantes ! As said before, charity shops are always full of treasures that can perfectly dress you up or complete your outfit in a unique way. You may never neglect the power of vintage pieces to avoir a rocking outfit !

Bonus : 40€ the shoes

There is nothing better than buying your shoes in independent shops, and not in leather, to have cheaper shoes (but not cheapest looking !) Not only it is cruelty-free, but it is also good for the wallet. Beware not to buy too cheap shoes : those ones are solid and might last at least 3-4 seasons !


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