How to take nice photos for your blog ?

How to take pretty photos for its blog ? That’s the question I’ve asked myself at least a hundreds times since I started my blog ! Even though my photos aren’t totally perfect to me, I am still proud of the quality they have today. Which camera do I use, how do I find my poses, my backgrounds, I give you all my advices to do pretty photos for its blog (or Instagram) ! 

Choosing a good camera

It’s a secret for no one : if you want to shoot good photos, you must have a good camera ! I mean, for Instagram, a good Iphone or smartphone can be enough but for a blog, where the pictures are often very big on screens, you should need a better definition for your pictures.

 Personally, I bought the Canon EOS 1200D in 2015 and I like it very much. I started with the classic lens 18-55mm and I changed in May 2018 for a 50mm f/1.8 STM lens, that allows me to do beautiful portrait pictures with a blurred background. 

However, I know I am curious to try out other camera models. I heard about the hybrid camera Panasonic and especially about the Lumix DC that I would like to try ! 

Find your good profile and check out influencers’ poses !

On a fashion photo, what matters isn’t only the outfit you are wearing, but how you show it.

It’s then necessary for you to know which poses are flattering for you and which are not. I know for instance it is advised for short people to shoot from below… Well it doesn’t work at all for me !

I will however tell you a secret : generally, I pose with my left profile cause that’s the one I like the most and that is more flattering for me !

To get a bit of inspiration, I look a lot at influencer’s fashion photos. The video of Jenn Im “How to Pose for Photos” helped me a lot to change my usual poses and give movement in my photos. (For instance, I use a lot the trick to pose on a wall and put the chest forward, or the fake “walk” to give the impression you are walking in the photo). Another tip is to save the poses you like on Instagram. I personally check a lot the accounts of Natamélie or Lovely Pepa ! 

Choose outfits that are flattering on you

A very simple tip that will work every time ! If you don’t feel at ease with your clothes, that will be obvious on the screen and your pictures will be less pretty. Wear clothes in which you feel confident, sexy and beautiful ! Self confidence, there is nothing to be shining on a photo ! (that, a smile !)

Choose the right setting

I already talked about the importance of a good setting in this article, but I repeat it. There is nothing better than matching your setting to your outfit ! You have a neutral outfit ? Pose in front of a very graphic wall or vegetal wall to give texture and colors to your photos. On the contrary, if your outfit is already full in colors, a plain wall will do the job. Also think of matching your settings to your styles : a beautiful balcony for a very romantic dress ; a graffiti wall for a very urban sweatshirt…  

Be careful of the light

It is easy to be tempted to do fashion photos in the plain sunshine. After all, you want your pictures to be luminous ! However, and especially in summer, it’s not that great to pose in the sunshine, as it will very often create dis gracious shadows on your face. It is then preferable to pose in the shadow (but not in total obscurity !) to have a harmonious light falling on you and your outfit. If your pictures remain dark in shaded alleys, think about raising the ISO of your camera, or increasing the lens aperture to let the light go in !

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