How to wear the long skirt?

But how am I gonna wear it ? That’s the question I asked myself when I fell in love with this long skirt in Rotterdam, and came out of the shop with this precious treasure folded in its paper bag.

To answer my question, I went all over fashion blogs, typed many Google images researches and searched my wardrobe. And I ended up finding many ideas of matching. I managed to wear it during winter with tight tops, blouses, and even to wear it at night for Christmas with a velvet top. But this year, I want to wear it maybe in a more neutral way.

I then targeted a black look, with a touch of red to pimp up the final outfit. I matched my long skirt with a basic tee, a belt knot at the waist to mark it, and my roped sandals. I completed the outfit with a military jacket (that I have since the years 2000 !) to create a very casual look, that really highlights my long metallic skirt.
Finally, even if the skirt is a statement piece, that can’t be worn with everything, with basics, it can very well be worn by day… To make a very unique outfit and even make heads turn !


Jacket : Pimkie
Tee-shirt : Forever21
Skirt : Imagine by Kim
Sandals : Follow me by Gémo
Bag : From Lisbon

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