How to wear the poncho

Poncho : this multicolor scarf/shawl that is part of Peruvian culture and that since then exported to Europe. A “fashion” piece that is nevertheless hard to wear because of its very loose shape and its strong cultural connotation, and that I myself had struggle wearing. How to wear it in a daily outfit then ?

For the record, I cheated : my mom bought this poncho and I took it because I was cold ! But when I put it on my shoulders, I realized it completely matched my outfit and better : it was so cool actually !

It made me realize that a well chosen poncho can really embody a statement clothe. Already being a clothe with a lot of stereotypes, the poncho is actually better being neutral like this one : black, and with fringes (so trendy !), something that will go with every outfit and even give a rock aspect to an outfit.

To make the poncho even rocker, you accessorize it : a hat, golden jewels with superposed rings, a double buckle belt… You give texture to your outfit to make it more interesting and less “I wear a poncho because I want to be comfy, dot !”

Here it is, you are ready to wear a poncho yourself. You will jump in ?

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