Summer vibes in Barcelona

The Ciutadella. This luxurious place, with tropical greenery, resting lake and gorgeous fountain. Undoubtedly one of my favorite place to come have a walk and admire sunset.

Since I’m here, I feel like I am living two days in one : my internship work day, with lots of responsibilities, and my holidays day, with chilling time, visits, parties, from 18h30 tel end of the night. A tiring rhythm but such an enthusiastic one. I never get bored here !The summery outfits help a lot to feed this holidays impression, those “summer vibes”. Pairs of shorts, dresses, skirts, sandals, flip lops… In a month, my jean has seen the sunlight only once !

For this little outfit shot at Golden Hour, I introduce you my brand new pair of short and my new favorite basic top. Two basics that combined together forme such a comfy and trendy summer look ! To pimp it up, I wore the red lipstick my sister offered me for my success at my thesis. And here I am “summer vibes” from head to toes !

And you, what is your favorite summer combo ?


Top : Arya Store
Short : Bershka
Bag : Paco Martinez
Flat shoes : La Halle
Lipstick : Russian Red from MAC

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