The yellow spring trend

This winter, the fashion trend was for mustard (the color, not the sauce 😉 !). I yielded to the temptation and got two mustard sweater, one basic and one more original from Zaful, with ruffle floral sleeves. For this spring, yellow keeps being a must have !
For spring, yellow got rid of its winter tint and came back on our clothes with a more solar and luminous tint. I really like this color that matches so well with floral patterns, and instantly gives an outfit a summer vibe. Matched with a pair of basic blue jeans and open toes shoes, yellow turns a regular outfit of the day into a chic and spring outfit. I personally think that with top on me, I feel like nature is finally waking ip and that beautiful days are coming very soon !
Doing this photoshoot at the French countryside, I had even more this impression of connecting with the nature and of spring freshness. As I am now used to big cities, I felt so good being surrounded by the real nature, and breathing pure air, finally !


Top : Mulaya (out of stock) (similar here or here)
Jean : Mulaya
Shoes : Mango
Jacket : Camaïeu (old)

What about you : are you convinced about the “spring” power of yellow in our outfits ? 😉

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