Hi there !

My name is Estelle, I am 24, I am French and I live in Barcelona.

I try to write this page over and over for hours now. I write, delete, start again, look for advices, and I think that what I am writing is simple and foolish.

“It is always hard to talk about yourself” is a very true observation. Usually so talkative and despite writing all day long about everything, talking about me is a true torture. I feel being pretentious, I feel being too simple… many contradictories feelings seem to stop the writing of my small portrait.

Then, let’s go the point : what do you want to know, why did you click on my “About” page?

I assume you want to know where I come from. I was born in Toulouse (south of France), but I lived the longest in Nantes. I moved 7 times with my parents and 7 times alone for my studies. I lived in Lille, Rennes, Poitiers, Nantes, Paris, Rotterdam, La Roche sur Yon and Barcelona. I am living now in Barcelona since july 2017, and I am counting to stay here for a while.

I assume you want to know why I am writing this blog. I started Chroniquesdunefrenchie.fr in 2014. I had just arrived in La Roche sur Yon (a small town next to Nantes) for my bachelor of Political Sciences, and I was bored outside of university. Like all the bloggers I was following, I had a say on fashion, beauty, travels… things to share! I started thinking it wouldn’t last… and 4 years later, Chroniquesdunefrenchie.fr is still here!

I assume you want to know what I do in life. I work in communication, le seo, social media and collaborations with bloggers. Yes, I am a girl with two faces : blogger in my personal life, and hunter of bloggers in my professional life!

I assume you want to know what you’re gonna find reading my blog. You’ll mostly find fashion inspirations, with very small budget outfits, and hints of vintage and second hand fashion. You’ll also find tips about Barcelona, my favorite city ever : restaurants, places where to do fashion photos, secrets of the city, portraits of designers from barcelona…. I love to share the treasures of my host city. Then, you’ll find diverse topics, extracts of my travels, my moods, little pieces of me!

You liked portrait? Then you’ll surely love to read my different articles about fashion, lifestyle, Barcelona, and my travels.

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