I love to collaborate with great brands.

Collaborations are to me a real opportunity to discover brands, universes, and to share all of this with my readership. I privilege brands that can be related in a way to my blog (fashion brands, related to Barcelona…) and qualitative ones. What does this last word means ? I have accepted in the past collaborations with very cheap brands that I regret today. I try now to privilege brands that are human, that tell stories and have special designers or ethics.

It seems obvious to me but I’d rather write it : I always give a sincere opinion on my collaborations. That I liked the product or not, I say what I think, was I disappointed or super satisfied by the collaboration. The aim of a collaboration with a blogger for a brand is to be known to a targeted audience, so may as well the review to be authentic, no ?

Here is a sample of the collaborations that I did : Gaston in BarcelonaSacs C-OuiHappiness BoutiqueZaful – Liu Jo – JD Sports – Le tiroir à collants

You want to collaborate with me ? No problems !

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If your email is personalized and human (I delete immediately the ones that look like a list of to dos and that are sent to groups of bloggers massively), with a reasonable offer, I will take the time to read you and answer you ! My blog isn’t my job – so I can have some delays to answer, but don’t worry, I am pretty much open to new opportunities ! 🙂

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