My favourite jewellery brands

Not long ago on Instagram, I confided to you my addiction to beautiful jewelry and my curiosity for jewelry brands and trends. Many of you wanted to know which French or American jewelry brands I was following and recommending. To find out, read this article!

Gemmyo, my favorite Made in France

I have already told you about Gemmyo, a trendy and original French jeweller, in this article. I actually ordered a pink gold and aquamarine ring that I customized (I chose my own combination of stones & the color of the gold) when I started freelancing in Influence Marketing. It was a jewel I had been drooling over for a long time, and a personal reward for my new professional life.

Since I acquired it in October 2019, the ring has not moved and remains faithfully on my finger every day. Fine and delicate, it goes with all outfits and definitely brings a chic touch to my accessories.

But overall, I like Gemmyo because

  • the brand takes care to find rare and ethical gemstones
  • the jewels are varied, from the imposing romantic paved ring to the fine and delicate modern ring
  • a lot of jewels are customizable like the ring I have chosen, that is you can choose your combination of stones and material for the ring
  • the customer service is incredible, which is really reassuring when you invest in a piece of jewellery
  • prices vary according to the combination, allowing both large and small budgets to enjoy quality jewellery.

My favorite jewels at Gemmyo:

The Madeleine Ring in pink gold and diamonds – 1 160 €

The perfect retro-romantic effect engagement ring

The Baby Everbloom Ring – 1 480 €

The perfect romantic engagement ring

The Estelle pendant in Pink Gold and Tourmalin/Aigue-Marine – 545 €

The ideal gift for 30 years old or the birth of a child (yes he’s called like me, so what! ;))

The Lady Garnet Rhodolite Pendant – 590 €

The ideal birthday gift / Mother’s Day / Valentine’s Day present

Melanie Casey, my new American addiction

I discovered the jewelry brand Melanie Casey on Instagram, drooling over pretty fine diamond rings. I very quickly fell in love with the brand’s fine and delicate jewellery, with designs that are at once modern, simple and traditional.

What I love at Melanie Casey’s:

  • elegant and delicate designs, with lots of beautiful diamonds and coloured stones
  • prices starting at $100, for affordable jewelry for all budgets
  • really original stone cuts and colour combinations

My favorite jewelry at Melanie Casey’s:

The Kinship Birthstone Stacking Ring – 220 $

The “small price” birthday gift to accumulate

The Bague City Lights Band in Peach – 690 $

The perfect summer engagement ring

The Constellations Earrings Studs – 350 $

The ideal gem to give as a gift for beautiful, timeless studs.

The Petite Diamond Distance Band – 590 $

The ring for Valentine’s Day or the anniversary birthdays for an adorable and timeless gift.

Myrtille Beck, the ethical retro and romantic jewelry

I discovered Myrtille Beck while tracking down wedding brands for my old job. I immediately fell under the spell of this French brand, which wants to be eco-responsible, and with a tribute to vintage and traditional style.

What I love at Myrtille Beck’s :

  • Retro and classic designs of jewellery, which make you think of the jewellery of yesteryear with a touch of modernity and more sobriety.
  • the “Eco Responsible Gold” certification of their gold, which guarantees that the gold is mined under ethical and eco-responsible conditions
  • a collection of varied jewellery, from engagement rings to bracelets and medals, to please yourself or others for every occasion
  • gold and diamond engagement rings at very affordable prices
  • varied budgets, to satisfy all wallets

My favorite jewelry at Myrtille Beck’s :

The Mini Sun Medal – 400 €

The perfect medal to illuminate a cleavage and add a unique touch to an outfit

The Double Feuillage Ring – 1 450 €

The perfect retro engagement ring

The Stella Diamond Necklace – 990 €

The timeless perfect diamond necklace

The Vega Diamond Ring – 765 €

A low-budget engagement ring, or a very chic and discreet gift ring.

The new discovery : Yannis Sergakis

I came across Yannis Sergakis, a Greek jeweller, creating a Pinterest board of rose gold rings (my new passion!) in my spare time. I discovered this designer, heir to a family of Greek diamond makers, on the Lulli sur la Toile site, a site for reselling designer jewellery, clothing and accessories.

I immediately fell in love with his ultra fine rings set with colored stones, my current jewelry addiction for elegant, modern and original hands.

What I love at Yannis Sergakis’ :

  • the coloured precious and semi-precious stones at the heart of its pieces
  • the delicacy and minimalism of its rings and creoles
  • the “low prices” of his jewellery, from 195€ onward

My favorite jewelry at Yannis Sergakis’ :

The Caramel Round Gold Ring Blue Diamond – 450 €

The fine, original and colourful birthday gift, perfect for a 30th birthday or a birth gift.

The Caramel Princess Gold Pink Sapphire Ring – 500 €

A ring full of pep, with a touch of retro thanks to the square cut, but elegant and discreet.

So much for my favourite jewellery brands! I hope this has given you ideas for your engagement ring, your 25 or 30 year old gift, or simply your next high-end jewellery purchase!

Tell me in the comments if you’ve had a crush, or if I’ve forgotten a brand you like!

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