A day with me in Barcelona

Hola ! Since I am here, I feel revived and at the same time little organized. Time goes by so fast! Work days at this internship are intense, and are followed by busy evenings. It’s just there are so many things to do! As a result, to give you an overview of what that is, to live in Barcelona, to give you good plans and to show you a look, I concocted you an article 3-in-1: a day with me! Let’s go!

Morning sport

I like to wake up late on weekends. But also to remain active, because I like moving on to a sporting session. Hey yes: for soon 1 year, I regained control over my body and became reconciled with the workout. Classes of Zumba, canalletics, but especially fitness at home allowed me to eliminate my 5 extra kilos and to begin to draw me babies abs. Even if I am satisfied by my body today, I like continuing in this way, to draw me even more, and especially let off steam mentally.

This day, we invested the common terrace of our building with my sister to sweat. It is so pleasant! We make our outdoor sport right in the sun, and out of sight (even if there are other terraces, it was empty this morning). Of what a good way to start the day !

Let’s go to the best viewpoint of Barcelona

This weekend, dear Erasmus friends had come to visit me. For the occasion, we went to one of the best view point in town : the bunkers of Carmel. To go there, you have to take the bus V17 until the end, and then walk 8 min. It is hot, it goes high… but the effort is really worth it. A view of 360° of the city, a wonderful panorama…It really is an extraordinary and resourcing place. Personally, I could have stayed hours. Here is what it looks like !

Strolling in the Raval

After a ride on bus and metro, here we are back in town. We headed to the Raval, the district at the right side of the Ramblas. If it isn’t really advised to live there (nor to go there alone at night !) it is nice to walk there during daylight.

This district abounds in small shops of all kinds and small coffees and local restaurants. With my friends, we stopped in the coffee of the Gardens of Rubio i Lluc. A real place of freshness to stop having a break! Finally, after this refreshing break, we went to a small store of silk-screened T-shirts of Barcelona. T-shirts were really nice, but unisex and slightly too wide to my taste. If I had had a friend, I would certainly have offered him a product coming from there!

Sunset at the beach

How to end the evening perfectly? You’ll never guess: attend a sunset on the sea. Well, it is crowded of tourists, the beach is a little bit dirty, but whatever: the show was there and it was so restful after a day spent to yomp. My tip: do not go there on Saturday evening (as I did), but rather one evening in the week if you can. It will be much more quiet and the show will be there only more beautiful!


Top : Oliver
Short : Bershka (borrowed to my sister)
Shoes : Follow Me by Gémo
Here it is, already the end of the day ! I hope you liked to follow me in Barcelona and that you would have traveled a bit with me.. If you like it, I will surely do other articles like to to make you discover other places like this in the city ! In the meantime, I wish you an excellent week !

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