Digital detox : the end of my fashion blog?

You may have noticed, but since my arrival in Barcelona, I post way less here.
At first, it was because of my moving : I had to start an internship, do administrative paperwork to settle in,  and I was so happy to discover again my favorite city, Barcelona.
Every night after 18h30, I would go out, to rediscover the city, visit unknown or new places, see old friends or make new ones… I would sometimes live two days in one. Blogging went after all this, even though I tried to share with you my arrival here in some blog posts.

Then, weeks went by, super quickly. Work, friends, visits, family, nights out… I didn’t stop. I felt guilty, I have to admit. I hold my blog for 3 years now, and I love to share something at least once a week. As I am writing those words, it’s been 3 weeks I didn’t post.

This time away from my blog made me realize something : I am no longer a fashion blogger. I don’t feel like one. I don’t have the legitimacy to impose myself as a “fashion authority”, when I dress super casual everyday to go to work. I rarely do shopping anymore. When I do, I buy second hand or in vintage shops.

I prefer to enjoy the city in another way. I wander, I visit monuments, discover restaurants. I still like fashion very much, but I think icons, celebrities or bloggers are way more legit to be called “fashionistas”.

I don’t want my blog to be only about fashion anymore. I am way more than that ! I still want to share with you my outfits ideas, but without retention. I also want to share with you my travels, my good tips in Barcelona… and why not dedicate a big part of the blog to this city. Who knows ? There’s so much to write about !

Then, if I come back here, it won’t be necessary to talk about fashion. I will do it my way, when and how I want it.

The race for followers and views sometimes pushed me to do content, comparing myself to others as well. I don’t care anymore : my real life is more important, and I will share here content that thrills me, will it be about fashion, lifestyle, or travel.

I now invite you to read my blog like a notebook of thoughts, that gets nourished by my experiences, and my desires. A less automatic blogging, but a more authentic one.


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