Living in Barcelona again !

Would Chroniques d’une French become Chroniques from a Barcelonese ? If the blog isn’t going to change name, that is what happens to me : goodbye France, hello Spain ! If you have followed me on the social networks (especially Instagram) you know I had as a project to come back to Spain and especially Barcelona for at least a few years. After my Erasmus in this town three years ago, my future seemed pretty clear : coming back to this awesome city, to settle and work.

And since 9 little days, it is thing done ! I have come back to Barcelona for my final graduation internship and to find then my first job. In 9 days, I have rediscovered the city, seen old friends and started my internship.Being back here, I breathe again. I can finally move on from my harsh break up, and start a new page of my life.

After all these years spent to move every six months, I can project myself. I know the city, I find again my favorite places there, but I also find random and lovely places which I did not remember any more, and I discover every day new hotspots. My district, the Born, is my favorite district of Barcelona: what a chance to have found a flat there! (The truth is it is rather a story of a tons of visits and perseverance, thank you sister to have found it!)

As a result, this morning by going out, I wanted to capture you the atmosphere of my beloved neighborhood: its colors, its light, its alleys. Then, who says camera says outfit of the day. So, I also shot you thanks to a new friend a light and colored summer clothes outfit: just like my spirit here in Barcelona!


Top : C&A
Skirt : Poppy Milton (borrowed to my sister)
Shoes : Carrefour Espagne
Totebag : Nantes

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