10 expressions that prove you are spanish…or almost !

This article is dedicated to all foreigners that live in Spain like me, to everyone that watched Casa de Papel and regretted not being applicator enough at high school to understand it, or everyone that wants to vent at parties ! Venga, it’s time for REAL Spanish classes !

The first time I heard this expression, I thought I had frustrated someone. “You’re leaving ?!” (“partir” in French meaning leaving). “Nooooo ! I am laughing out loud !” Indeed, “me parto”is something you say when you’re laughing too much after a good joke !

No to confuse with “uncle” or “aunt”, that is another meaning for those words. Tio or tia is just the spanish version of “dude” or “bro” like : “tiiiaaa, no me jodes !” *Dude, you can’t be true !

“La cuenta, por favor ?” is worth a middle school spanish lesson. Now that you master Dali’s language, you say “Me puedes cobrar?” because you sound less like a tourist and more like a local this way.

You always say it in English, now that you know its equivalence in Spanish, you say it as well… “En plan” is the Spanish “like” : Like, I told him that… En plan, le he dicho que… Once you know it, you realize it gets out pretty often in conversations !

When your burger just arrived and you’re so hungry you’re like “que buena pinta !” Literally, it means “it looks so good !”


Nothing to do with sexual orientation ! “Guay” in spanish is like “awesome !”, the word you say when someone offers you to have a beer at Bunkers at sunset, or that you are told it is going to be 27 degrees next week (this is a lie, unfortunately).


If you know this expression, congrats, your Spanish level is pretty good ! If not, read those lines and you will quickly get it. “Cutre” is something lame, kitsch. If someone offers to go to a “cutre” bar, it means your friend is stingy, or that every else is full !

You often say it when you’re upset, surprised or angry… Jo ! It is the short and more polite version of “joder” (fuck), let’s say !

Right after dessert, you say to end your meal on a coffee note : “un cortado for favor !” The cortado is a style of coffee with a hint of milk, quite simply ! 😉

You say the first to your best Spanish friends when you start a WhatsApp conversation (hello my Sara !). You say the second when you really want something and you beg nicely. “Holi” (generally written with tons of “I”) and “porfi” are just the tender versions of “hola” and “for favor”… nothing more !
I hope that reading this article, or you had memories of moments of your Spanish life, or you were glad to learn so many new words to speak like Denver in Casa de Papel (or not). Meanwhile, I hope you liked my blog spot, and see you soon for another lesson ! 😉


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