My 5 favorite places to take fashion photos in Barcelona

Let’s talk about fashion and photography today! If you follow me for a while, you may have seen (I hope!) an evolution in those two fields on my blog. With it, I affirmed my style and had fun creating my daily outfits, but I also discovered myself a special taste for photography. I am now always looking for the perfect photoshoot location : doors, walls or nice places where to take the pose. A chance for me, Barcelona is the perfect place fo that! I then share you today my 5 favorite locations to do fashion photos in Barcelona.

La Ciutadella

Check this outfit shot with my twin sister

This public park is full of ressources for you fashion pictures in Barcelona. The balconies, the fountain of Ciutadella and its majestic stairs offer a great fancy location for romantic or summer fashion photos.

Outfit here

The colored walls of the buildings located near the Parliament of Catalunya is a very warm background for pictures of a neutral, basic outfit.

Finally, the outside walls of the park (near the Zoo), are perfect for a urban fashion photoshoot in Barcelona !

Barceloneta’s beach

Details of the look here

In Barcelona, you can do fashion photos on the beach of Barceloneta and that’s so great ! The W hotel with its veil shape is a super interesting background and offers a nice design perspective. My advice ? Go there early in the morning, especially during summer, to avoid having tourists in swim suits behind you !

Comment passer du look de plage à la ville ? How going from a beach to a city outfit ?
La plaça Del Mar, located at the beginning go the Barceloneta beach, is also a great shooting location with its many palm trees. It allows to do more urban photos thanks to the concrete ground yet with summer vibes with the palm trees and the W hotel you guess in the background. My advice ? Reduce the lens aperture to get a nice urban/summer blurred background and highlight more your outfit !

The Laribal gardens (Montjuic)

Check my favorite shooting here

The gardens of Laribal are undoubtedly one of my favorite places to do fashion photos in Barcelona. Located in Montjuic, those gardens have amongst other : great stairs framed by fountains in cascade, an awesome view on the city, a roman theater, greenery tunnels, a rosary… needless to say this place is a very visual scenery, that can easily change according to the style you are shooting !


Door located in Carrer de Trafalgar. Check out the outfit here !

The modernist district of Barcelona is known for its very photogenic doors. It is easy to find one of them strolling around in this neighborhood, some being true work of art. Those doors are perfect for an improvised fashion shooting and to highlight your outfit !

The Pedralbes Gardens

The gardens of Pedralbes are located North West of Barcelona and are one of my favorite locations to do pretty fashion pictures. The garden is ideal for a photoshoot with natural elements, because it hosts a Bambu forest, nice shrubs and flower beds. It also hosts a very beautiful chic house, with a patio framed by classical style columns that are great for a romantic shooting.

And you, what are your favorite locations to do fashion photos in Barcelona ?

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