The truth behind my photos (blooper #2)

End of 2017, I was showing you my true face in a blooper you really liked : a clumsy girl, that doesn’t always makes the most beautiful faces, can’t stand on her feet and that is cold in winter when she wants to show a fashionable outfit!

Today, it is time to prove you…it didn’t change! I hope this second blooper will make you laugh as well. And keep in mind that what I post here and on Instagram is only what I want to show you! Truth is, I’m not the most photogenic girl, and you can see it on those photos! Enjoy 😉

So, I’ll try to put my arms this way to do some movement, it’s natural, right ? -NO.

When I’m rushing to my boyfriend “Let me seeeee the pictures!”

So focused to drink my latte, or looking deeply bored!

When I’m so focused to try the product I was sent…

…and that it actually doesn’t work the way you try!

Oh, a little tongue!

Not knowing what to do, trying to put my hand in my hair in a sexy way but speaking in the meantime: fail!

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