What I think about cherries

People who get to know me soon discover I have a slight addiction for items, jewels and accessories with cherries on it Some may think it is because of the fruit, so summerish and colorful, others because I have som VIP subscription to the club Pacha in Barcelona (true story !)

Yet, if I like cherries that much, it’s for none of those reasons.

In may 2015, I lost one of my best friends from cancer. One of her biggest regret that year was that she couldn’t taste the cherries of this year.

Since then, I see in this fruit a way to honor her memory. After her death, I surrounded myself of “cherries” item, trying to surround myself of her presence even though her memory was still so strong : cherry clutch, cherry jewels, cherry tee-shirt. Even three years after, the obsession comes back when I see one of those objects.

Why telling you all of this today ? Because I found this nice Only tee-shirt a few times ago and that the obsession got back. Because even three years after, even if the hardest part of mourning has gone and that I am fine, she is still very present in me.

Why being so personal with you now, when I barely unveil my privacy with you ? Because I read more and more articles about personal topics, and that I feel less alone.

Because loosing someone makes you weaker but also stronger, and that sharing my experience, reading similars, made me stronger too.

I then hope that you will be benevolent with me… and that you will like cherries now as much as her and I do. (:


Tee-shirt : Only
Skirt : Natura
Bag : Parfois (similar here)
Shoes : Mango (similar here)

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